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Developed in 2008 for police departments to streamline the assigning of “extra-duty” details and court hearings. Provides an automated system to get away from “pen and paper”. Provides accountability with the officers that are assigned to each detail or court hearing. Very user friendly without major bells & whistles. Very easy to navigate, includes a majority of drop-down choices, and requires a minimum amount of typing for “assignors” and officers.

A few of the highlights of our system:

  • Very user-friendly
  • Easy navigation for officers, using point & click and drop-down boxes
  • Minimum amount of typing when inputting data
  • "Request Detail" link located on the main page for outside companies, schools, and associations to request an off-duty police details.
  • Detail requester does not have to log-in to gain access to our "Request Detail" link
  • Detail requests are forwarded directly to the person in charge via email for immediate approval.
  • Each detail request received includes all relevant information needed to process their detail, including a detail job description and billing information
  • Large database that includes all police officers contact information and off-duty detail locations
  • Ease of access to past years detail assignments
  • Ease of access to all off-duty details assignments by our officers
  • Email verification to each officer that has been assigned a detail
  • “Accept" or "Decline" options for each officer that has been assigned a detail that has solves accountability problems
  • Access to all scheduled details by command staff for better span of supervision during their tour of duty
  • Email notification to the officer when their detail has been modified, changed, or canceled.
  • "5-day open details" drop-down to list all unassigned details that any officer can view
  • System can easily search for a particular detail or court date using a date range, officer name, level (court or detail), or location.
  • VERY accessible technical support.
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